Infrastructure BC releases Fall 2023 BC Major Projects Brochure


October 26, 2023

Infrastructure BC releases Fall 2023 BC Major Projects Brochure

Vancouver, B.C. – Infrastructure BC is pleased to present the Fall 2023 BC Major Infrastructure Projects Brochure. This brochure showcases the public projects that are planned or underway in B.C., with a value of more than $50 million each. These projects range from early planning to pre-procurement and active procurement stages.

Infrastructure BC supports government and project owners in choosing the most suitable delivery model to build complex projects such as highways, bridges, schools, and hospitals. By publishing this brochure each spring and fall, Infrastructure BC aims to inform and engage the industry, contractors, subcontractors, and market participants about the upcoming opportunities.

“The market for infrastructure projects in B.C. is dynamic and competitive, as it is across the country,” says Mark Liedemann, Infrastructure BC President and CEO. “We are committed to providing the market with timely and accurate information about the projects in different phases of development, as well as introducing new procurement models, to ensure successful outcomes,” adds Liedemann.

“This report is a valuable resource for industry and underscores the volume of infrastructure delivery underway in B.C.”, says Amanda Farrell, Transportation Investment Corporation, CEO. “We are working closely with Infrastructure BC and our colleagues across the public sector to respond to the fast-paced and evolving construction landscape to meet the need for transportation infrastructure – today and in the coming years.”

The BC Major Infrastructure Projects Brochure can be accessed online at The Fall 2023 brochure includes projects from the Province of B.C., Metro Vancouver, BC Hydro, Capital Regional District, TransLink, and Vancouver Fraser Port Authority.

Quick Facts:

  • Since 2002, Infrastructure BC has led the procurement of 76 completed projects across Canada valued at $28 billion.
  • Infrastructure BC services consist of project planning, including procurement analysis (through Concept Plans and Business Cases), procurement management, design and construction oversight, contract administration, and project communications support.
  • Infrastructure BC is a self-sustaining organization operating on a fee-for-service basis, governed by a Board of Directors, and reporting to the Minister of Finance as its sole shareholder.
  • Infrastructure BC is working with owners in the planning phase on more than 15 projects, most of which are identified in the BC Major Infrastructure Projects Brochure.
  • Infrastructure BC is currently supporting owners in the transportation, health, and accommodation sectors during the construction phase; Infrastructure BC has previously managed the procurements for these projects. These models include Design-Build, Modified Design-Build, Design-Build-Finance and Alliance.

Media Contact:

Kathy Cloutier
Director, Corporate & Government Relations

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